Our beliefs

Are anchors in the sea of life.

Are steadfast in the face of opposition and triumph.

Big or small, their roots form the foundation of our thoughts.


Our thoughts

Are the spark that initiate creativity.

Determine the direction of our energy.

Every possibility, every movement, every glass ceiling broken, began with one.

…lead to

Our Actions

Impact our outcomes.

Are the foundation of all relationships.

They are the outward expression of aspiration to make our mark in this world.

…lead to

Our Experiences

Generate the feelings and emotions that shape our lives.

Create the moments by which life's lessons are learned.

How we discern them is the single greatest force that determines our attitudes.


Our Personal Reality

Is the result of our habits.

Is the unique combination between our informed past and aspirational future.

It is our transparent truth emanating from the repetitive pattern of our values, intentions, behaviors and memories.


We believe that a brand is more than what a school looks like from the outside. A true brand should be an honest reflection of the values within a community. Recognizing and reinforcing these values consistently through your brand creates a culture that focuses on those things that are most important to fostering the character of your school. By choosing an intentional, consistent, and striking brand identity, you establish a foundation which inspires, recognizes, and celebrates the moments that make your school special.

Our Process

Solutions & Products

Whether you need a full brand makeover or a way to connect your current value statement to an actionable plan that improves your school’s climate and culture, Scholastic Solutions can help.

Branding Guidelines

Reflect your school’s values and goals in the brand you build. Based on your needs, you can:

  • Revitalize your school mascot and/or logo
  • Create an official brand style guide
  • Receive trademark/licensing support
  • Execute a brand launch marketing plan

Content and Service Solutions

Gain access to a repository of unlimited topic-themed content that can be shared with students and teachers, as well as tools and apps that unite and organize processes, programs, and people in your school. This can include:

  • The SchoolWay App
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Jostens Renaissance
  • The Harbor
  • What Drives Winning
  • FINAO (Failure Is Not An Option)

Product Solutions

Help students connect to their school community and inspire, recognize, and celebrate moments that matter. Take advantage of a variety of products designed for:

  • School Administration
  • Sports Administration
  • Students

As a non–profit with no consistent visual identity system and a decades old logo, we were looking to undertake a complete rebranding effort.

From the initial discovery phase to the unveiling of the final product, the Jostens team was exceptionally professional, experienced, collaborative and creative. They took the time to get to know who we are to ensure our new logo perfectly captured our values and our mission.

Our staff was involved every step of the way, allowing us to feel a sense of ownership and pride. The entire process re-energized us and helped our organization achieve a renewed purpose and direction. We are so grateful to Jostens for making what could have been a daunting undertaking into an easy, positive, exciting and rewarding experience for our entire staff.

Dr. Karissa Niehoff

Executive Director, CT Association of Schools – CT Interscholastic Athletic Conference

Scholastic Solutions is an advocate for local, state, and national associations that support school culture and character education.