Our Story

Scholastic Solutions is the culmination of a personal passion to educate and inspire learning communities to create a culture of growth and acceptance for all members.

After playing and coaching college basketball for several years, I have spent the past 20+ years representing Jostens products and services to middle schools and high schools. My engergy and our company's consistent investment into the people and culture of the schools we work with has shaped a new purpose and clear vision as Scholastic Solutions moves forward.

We know that the teachers, coaches, administrators, staff and various associations that make up our educational communities are unique and part of a special group of people. We acknowledge thier commitment to serving an educational evolution greater than themselves.  

After participating in countless school leadership workshops, serving on a school board, serving as Chairman of the MIAA Educational Athletics Committee, listening to the stories of countless students, parents, teachers, coaches, administrators and staff, there is one thing that I have learned that unifies everyone in an educational community:

Connection. A sense of belonging. A feeling that "they matter"!

Scholastic Solutions will proudly maintain its long-standing association representing Jostens products and services while focusing on curating content, services, and partnerships to help schools create a culture that:

  • focuses on relationships and connects everyone within the community
  • develops a strong sense of belonging and acceptance
  • helps people feel appreciated and that 'what they do' and 'who they are' "matter"

We feel uniquely qualified to help schools brand their learning environments with a compelling and consistent brand identity that clearly demonstrates their values and communicates their intentions to their entire community.

We look forward to growing with you.